The Innovate Against Hate Accelerator Program

Are you a creative social entrepreneur with a paradigm-shifting idea for an initiative that addresses the challenge of rising contemporary Jew-hatred? Apply now for the can’t-miss opportunity to join the 2022 Class of the Combat Antisemitism Movement’s Innovation Accelerator and receive a portion of a $50,000 seed funding pool.

Are you a creative social entrepreneur with a paradigm-shifting idea for an initiative that addresses the challenge of rising contemporary Jew-hatred? Apply now for the can’t-miss opportunity to join the 2022 Class of the Combat Antisemitism Movement’s Innovation Accelerator and receive a portion of a $50,000 seed funding pool.

If selected, you will participate in a comprehensive six-month program featuring unique mentorship and networking opportunities, with the objective of transforming your proposed concepts into viable projects with tangible impacts. 

This will be the program’s third class of innovators. Since its founding in 2019, the accelerator has supported 30 changemakers, helped launch 15 initiatives, and reached more than a half million people across the globe.

Antisemitism is undeniably surging worldwide, with CAM tracking a total of 2,214 antisemitic incidents reported in the media in 2021 alone, manifested in disturbing trends such as Covid-19 pandemic-related conspiracy theories, Holocaust trivialization, and Jew-hatred diguised as anti-Zionism.

We invite students, activists, community leaders, organization representatives, and other motivated individuals to share your innovative ideas with us on how to counter this bigotry with fresh approaches that will make a true difference. Your initiative can educate mass audiences using social media, engage previously unreached demographics, promote person-to-person dialogue, create a unique program on campus against antisemitism, or foster the develop of interfaith and intercultural ties, among other goals.

The chosen candidates will work with CAM’s professional staff and Senior Advisors, be connected directly with relevant stakeholders in CAM’s global coalition, and get an allocation from a $50,000 seed funding pool. 

All applications will first be reviewed by CAM’s professional staff. Candidates with applications that meet the basic parameters will then be coached by the staff on how to sharpen the details of your proposals and develop and improve your pitches before you present them to a panel of distinguished industry experts. After evaluating the proposals, the panel will make recommendations on which candidates to accept into the program and their funding levels.

Entries may be submitted, in English, by an individual, team, or organization (team-based is encouraged). The deadline to apply is June 1st, 2022. A maximum of 20 candidates will be accepted into the accelerator program.

Strong entries will answer the following questions: 

  • What specific aspect of contemporary antisemitism does your product address?
  • How does your product tackle the issue in an innovative way?
  • What outcomes will your product create?
  • How will you measure success in the first 3-6 months?
  • Who is on your leadership team, and what are each member’s relevant skills?
  • What is your launch budget (up to $50,000)?
  • How do you plan to foster exponential growth?

Best Practices:

  • Focus on a specific aspect of antisemitism — at either the local, national, or international level — and outline a practical solution. Do not aim to eradicate all forms of contemporary antisemitism across the world.
  • Recruit founding partners — with the matching skills, motivation, and chemistry — who can help turn your proposal into a reality.
  • Watch videos of the program’s 2019 and 2020 participants to learn about past ideas and see how ordinary people can change the world in real and measurable ways.


Concept: With antisemitism spiking globally, new solutions need to be identified and supported.

Eligibility: The Innovate Against Hate Accelerator Program is an opportunity for people of all faiths, from across the world, ages 13 and older, to share and develop their vision for fighting antisemitism. Submissions must be written in English.

Timeline: Entries need to be submitted by June 1st, 2022.

Originality: Entries should be original work. If your writing quotes existing sources, or your video uses existing clips, it must be cited in your work. Entries will be disqualified for plagiarism.

Teamwork: Entries may be submitted by a team of individuals, but are required to have one team leader who would serve as the point of contact for CAM. The team leader would receive any funding awarded, and be solely responsible for distributing funds to their team. This is non-negotiable.

Multiple Entries: You are welcome to submit more than one entry.

Rights: As the benefactor of the funding, the Combat Antisemitism Movement has the right to reproduce and distribute entries as it sees fit. This includes, but is not limited to, reprinting essays in publications; screening videos online; and converting artwork into products. By submitting your entry, you agree to these terms. You may reproduce your work as you wish.

Contact: If you have questions about the Innovate Against Hate Accelerator Program, please email [email protected] or call +1-304-685-3250.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enter my proposal if I’m not Jewish? Yes, changemakers of all faiths and backgrounds, from any country in the world, are welcome to enter a proposal. Antisemitism is a human rights issue – and it needs everyone’s help to fight it.

Does my name have to be made public if I win? No, let us know in your entry if you have a compelling reason for remaining anonymous. If selected, we will showcase your entry without disclosing your name. You must provide your real name and contact information in your entry.

Am I allowed to submit an unusual proposal? You are encouraged to be creative, provided you adhere to the program guidelines. We welcome you to develop “outside-the-box” activities to address the challenge of antisemitism.

Antisemitism seems like an overwhelming problem — how can I make a difference?

The problem is significant, but every solution begins with small steps. You have the ability to help make progress. Think about ways in your own life and community where you can contribute. Think about ways people like you can do the right thing. Take inspiration from other human rights movements that tackled big problems in small pieces and ultimately succeeded.

Why does the Combat Antisemitism Movement reserve the right to reproduce my entry? The purpose of the contest is to crowdsource exciting new ideas to help inspire people to take action against antisemitism. We are soliciting outstanding content precisely so it can be shared, promoted, and publicized. We hope your entry will be a spark to help advance the movement. At the same time, you are free on your own to reproduce your entry.

Who do I contact if I still have questions about the Innovate Against Hate Accelerator Program? Please email [email protected] or call +1-304-685-3250.