Partners in Action – CAM’s Coalition Taking A Stand Against Anti-Semitism

Photo Credit: Getty Images

January 21, 2021

Each week we highlight the activities of our partner organizations around the world who are doing amazing work to combat anti-Semitism in their communities.

The week of January 17th, many of the Combat Anti-Semitism Movement’s partners addressed the startling rise of anti-Semitism on campus and highlighted the importance of Holocaust education ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day.   

From supporting the #WeRemember campaign to ensuring Jewish student leaders have their voices heard, CAM is here to back our partners every step of the way.



Students Supporting Israel: Holocaust Education in Schools is Deeply Lacking

2 For Seder: Coaching Tips to Fight Anti-Semitism

Coaching Tips to Fight Anti-Semitism

AMCHA Initiative: New Attacks on Israel and Zionism May Fuel Campus Anti-Semitism

Secure Community Network: The Capitol Riot, Anti-Semitism and What Joe Biden Can Do

NGO Monitor: From the “River to the Sea” – B’Tselem’s Demonization Crosses the Line

From the “River to the Sea”: B’Tselem’s Demonization Crosses the Line

Alma: The Radical Shiite Axis Establishment in Southern Syria

The radical Shiite axis establishment in south Syria

Scholars for Peace in the Middle East: Targeting Jewish Student Leaders for Banishment and Shaming

Simon Wiesenthal Center: Is the European Union Combating or Whitewashing Anti-Semitism?


ILF: Antisemitism & De-Legitimization – Summary of Trends and Events of 2020 and Looking Ahead Towards 2021




World Jewish Congress: #WeRemember Campaign for International Holocaust Remembrance Day

CAM and United Hatzalah: Breaking Barriers – Life Saving Video Sharing Contest

CAM and Baltimore Zionist District: Call on Johns Hopkins University to Hold Teachers’ Assistant Accountable for Anti-Semitism!

Call on Johns Hopkins University to Hold Teachers’ Assistant Accountable for Anti-Semitism!



Club Z and CAM: #BreakFree – Celebrating Zionism, Justice, and Action

CAM and B’nai B’rith International: The Japanese Rescuer – A Lesson in Bravery for the Struggle Against Anti-Semitism

Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center: The Untold Story of the Holocaust – 80 Years Since the Babyn Yar Massacre

NGO Monitor: Implementing the IHRA Definition of Antisemitism for NGO Funding