Anti-Semitic Graffiti Found at California Elementary School

June 26, 2020

According to Fox40, school security at Poet Christian Elementary outside of Sacramento found two classrooms were broken into and vandalized with anti-Semitic symbols.

“We’re just not going to tolerate this type of behavior in our community and we shouldn’t,” said Rob Pecot with the Tracy Unified School District.

Pecot told FOX40 that the damage caused by the vandals will cost thousands of dollars. In addition, he believes that the teachers assigned to the damaged classrooms were targeted.

“There’s no place for that here and we’re not going to accept it and we’re not OK with it. And I’m sorry that the individuals in the school have to go through something like this,” said Pecot.

The Tracy police have been following leads and are continuing to review the surveillance video to find the culprit.

“We want to get those people who are responsible for this act brought to justice. And so not only do the police department but our community expects it and our school district expects it,” explained Sgt. Migues Contreras, the Tracy police spokesman.

The police department is investigating the vandalism as a hate crime and have notified the FBI. Contreras shared that they have a few tips at the moment, but are still seeking additional information.

The district issued an official statement voicing their disappointment and hopes that the crime will serve as a teachable moment for their students to prevent this type of anti-Semitism from surfacing again in the district.

Source: https://fox40.com/news/local-news/anti-semitic-graffiti-left-by-vandals-at-tracy-elementary-school/

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