At Alums for Campus Fairness Conference, CAM Urges Administrations to Adopt ‘Zero-Tolerance’ Policies for Threats Against Jewish Students

April 6, 2022

Last Sunday, Alums for Campus Fairness (ACF) held its 2022 National Conference, where the Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM) was represented by Director of Partnerships and Development Nelson France.

Alums for Campus Fairness harnesses the unique power of alumni to counter antisemitism — including demonization of Israel and other forms of bigotry — at universities. In the face of unprecedented attacks on Jewish and Zionist students, staff and faculty, ACF’s network acts to address campus Jew-hatred and ensure that universities remain pillars of truth and academic freedom.

France participated in a virtual panel discussion — titled “Community Activists at the Forefront” — with ACF Co-Founder and Advisory Board Member Mark Banschick and Academic Engagement Network (AEN) Director of Communications and Programming Raeefa Shams.

France called for a “united front across all societies and people to fight against hate and bigotry.”

“One would think Jews and Israelis would be protected the same as other minorities and nationalities. Sadly, this is not the case,” France said. “Jews are a minority on American college campuses. They should have every opportunity for equity and inclusion in today’s diverse institutions of higher education. Administrations must protect the safety of all students, and when threats against Jewish students are made by members of their student body, there should be a zero-tolerance policy.”

Watch a full recording of the panel discussion here:

For more information on Alums for Campus Fairness, please visit: campusfairness.org