CAM Coalition Partners Spotlight: Bringing Communities Together to Fight Discrimination

A delegation of Pakistani American and Pakistani interfaith activists meets with Israeli President Isaac Herzog in the president's official residence in Jerusalem.

June 3, 2022

Standing in solidarity with the Jewish people, a number of Black, Christian, Hindu, and Muslim organizations are taking action to strengthen ties with Jewish communities worldwide.

Here is a sampling of what CAM partners were up to this week:


Hindu American Foundation: As the only American organization to represent 1.2 billion Hindus, the Foundation works in the field of education, and specifically advocates for policies that ensure the well-being of Hindus in the U.S. as well as all of humanity.

Watch the full video here.

Campaigns to Support

Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel: In today’s political climate, many mistakenly assume that Black American leaders have historically stood against Israel. On June 18th, IBSI will host a critical conversation on “Israel, Zionism, Africa, & Black America: Where We Go From Here” and the connection that the Black American community has with Israel.

Learn more here.

Upcoming Events

Interfaith Paths to Peace: As one of the pinnacle religious traditions and observances of the Jewish people, sharing Shabbat with other faith communities opens the door to an ancient religious and cultural Jewish practice.

This Friday, the Louisville-based interfaith organization will host an outdoor, interfaith Shabbat dinner for the greater community!

Recommended Reading and Viewing

American Muslim and Multifaith Women’s Empowerment Council (AMMWEC): After a group of Pakistanis visited Israel on an official visit, including Pakistani-Jewish TV news anchor Ahmed Quraishi, Pakistan’s senate this past Monday passed a resolution confirming its stance against the State of Israel.

Shortly after this resolution, a Pakistani senator called to ban AMMWEC, the organization that spearheaded the visit of Pakistanis to Israel, and some groups in Pakistan even called to strip those who participated in the visit of their Pakistani citizenship.

Read more here.

B’nai B’rith Canada: In protecting the history of the Holocaust, Director of Legal Affairs Sam Goldstein spoke to the Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs to define Holocaust Denial statements as antisemitism.

Read more here.

Israel on Campus Coalition: In an opinion piece published New York Daily News, Chief Executive Officer Jacob Baime writes how BDS activists at Harvard University are entirely disinterested in having nuanced, informed, and respectful discussions about how Israel can improve. They want to batter, not better, the Jewish state.

Read more here.

Philos Project: Christian communities across the Middle East continue to experience discrimination and open persecution in their home countries.

Executive Director Robert Nicholson warns how leaders around the world should stand with Middle Eastern Christians and address this issue at the governmental level in representative bodies around the world.

Read more here.

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