Don’t Miss Inaugural ‘Omni-American’ Event Combating Racism and Antisemitism Through Culture

October 10, 2021

On the 24th and 25th of October, The American Sephardi Federation, Jazz Leadership Project, and Combat Antisemitism Movement will hold an inaugural event to combat racism and antisemitism by exploring and celebrating Albert Murray’s vision of “Omni-American” culture, including that culture’s great gift to the world, jazz music, and pushing back against racial essentialism in all its forms. The event seeks to build a better American future on the foundations of a substantive, “Omni-American” cultural collaboration between Black and Jewish Americans.

The two-day, online event will feature live music and discussion by an array of participants, including musicians, writers, scholars and activists. Opening day will feature opening remarks by Greg Thomas and Aryeh Tepper, the two educators and writers who are leading the event. The day will end with a special presentation of the first annual Albert Murray Award for Omni-American Excellence to Murray’s student, Wynton Marsalis — the world-renowned musician, composer, artist and managing director of Jazz at Lincoln Center. The second day of the event will see additional performances and discussions; with a focus on thought leaders’ interpretations of Albert Murray’s work and insights.

The first day will include virtual readings by Chloe Valdary and Prof. Farah Jasmine Griffin. Additionally, Prof. Robert G. O’Meally and 2022 NEA Jazz Master Donald Harrison will present and lead discussions.

The following day will feature an array of noted writers and thinkers such as Thomas Chatterton Williams, Jonathan Silver, and John Wood Jr.; author and psychologist Pamela Paresky in conversation with chef and TV personality Andrew Zimmern; Muslim American leader Zainab Zeb Khan; and ASF Executive Director Jason Guberman in conversation with noted scholar of Semitic, African, and African American Studies, Ephraim Isaac.

Both days will feature live music performed by the Itamar Borochov Quartet.

Other participants include Dr. Sheena Mason, Itamar Borochov, Prof. Marla Brettschneider, Matthew McKnight, Dr. Zak Stein, Lauren Gibli, Omer Avital, Rabbi Daniel Boukila, Prof. Daniel Asia, Amiel Handelsman, Julia Jassey, Nick Jankel, Prof. Paul Devlin, Prof. Joel Dinerstein, Loren Schoenberg, and Sacha Roytman Dratwa (CAM Executive Director).

The event is held in partnership with Israel-American Civic Action Network, FAIR (Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism), Institute for Cultural Evolution, Artists 4 Israel, FBT (Free Black Thought), Jewish Institute for Liberal Values, Concordia (Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies), Indian Pluralism Foundation, UKLFI Charitable Trust, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Belgian Friends of Israel, and IMPAC (International Movement for Peace and Coexistence).

For more information and registration for this FREE event, visit: event.omniamerican.org