Global Anti-Semitism Report: December 23, 2020

December 23, 2020

This week, vandals painted a swastika on a Brooklyn yeshiva; a French Jewish family was violently assaulted in their car; and the runner-up in the Miss France beauty pageant faced online anti-Semitic harassment after revealing her Israeli heritage.

Meanwhile, the Halle synagogue gunman was sentenced to life in prison by a German court, and the United States Congress increased security funding for houses of worship and for religious non-profits. Enhanced security measures for Jewish institutions is critical for safeguarding Jewish life – as is holding violent offenders accountable for their crimes.

To all the Christian members of our growing movement, CAM wishes you a very Merry Christmas! Christian coalition members and grassroots activists in dozens of countries around the world have joined CAM to fight anti-Semitism. When we work together, we build bridges of peace and coexistence for all of humanity. May you enjoy a holiday filled with joy and light!

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