‘It Is Un-Islamic to Be Antisemitic’: Muslim and Other Interfaith Leaders Rally in Solidarity With Jews After Texas Synagogue Attack

January 25, 2022

In the wake of the Colleyville synagogue attack, Muslim and other interfaith leaders from across the United States came together last Friday to show solidarity with the Jewish community at a special virtual solidarity rally co-hosted by the American Muslim & Multifaith Women’s Empowerment Council (AMMWEC), the Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM), and the Mukhayriq Initiative.

“It is undemocratic and un-Islamic to be antisemitic, and that’s the message we are here to bring to our Muslim brothers and sisters,” said AMMWEC President Anila Ali, who led the event.

A full recording of the event can be viewed here:

CAM Senior Advisor and Mukhayriq Initiative Managing Director Ellie Cohanim said, “We, Jews and Muslims, have lived side by side for centuries, as neighbors, classmates, business partners, and, most importantly, as friends. We have common values and a shared cultural heritage that dates back thousands of years, and it’s time to draw upon that and write a new chapter. Together, we can reject the hateful rhetoric, reject the conspiracy theories, and push back against those who wish to divide us.”

U.S. Congresswoman Judy Chu (CA-27) said, “Our communities are stronger together when we stand united against antisemitism and hate.”

For more information about the American Muslim & Multifaith Women’s Empowerment Council, please visit: ammwec.org