JCC Krakow Offers Shabbat Meals, Medical Aid to Holocaust Survivors in Polish City That Was Home to Major Pre-WWII Jewish Community

Irenka, a Holocaust survivor who lives in Krakow, Poland. Photo: Courtesy of JCC Krakow.

February 28, 2022

The Jewish Community Center of Krakow provides regular assistance to 50 elderly Holocaust survivors who live in the southern Polish city, where Jews once comprised one quarter of the population before the community was destroyed in the Nazi genocide.  

During the Covid-19 pandemic, JCC Krakow took Holocaust survivors to medical appointments and helped them get vaccinated.

Since the reopening of the building after pandemic-related restrictions were eased, JCC Krakow hosts Shabbat dinners every other week and distributes Shabbat care packages on the off weeks.

Courtesy of JCC Krakow.


One senior who benefits from JCC Krakow’s programs is Irenka, who was born in northern Poland in 1940 and lost her family in the Holocaust. Due to vision problems, it is difficult for her to support herself, and this is why JCC Krakow’s aid is so vital for her.

Irenka receives daily lunches that are delivered to her home, and JCC Krakow staff do her grocery and medicine shopping. She also participates in social activities at JCC Krakow’s Senior Club.

Home to around 70,000 Jews before the Holocaust, the Jewish population of Krakow today is estimated to stand at around 2,000, but is continuously growing.

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