Jewish-American Actress Emmy Rossum Speaks Out About Anti-Semitism in Hollywood

June 29, 2020

As the Algemenier previously reported, actress and Golden Globe nominee Emmy Rossum took to Twitter to defend Winona Ryder’s claims against Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitic remarks, and address her own experiences with anti-Semitism in the film industry.

The Jewish Actress and “Shameless” star shared an article about Ryder’s claim that Gibson called her an “oven dodger,” a clear reference to the crematoria at Nazi concentration camps, and commented, “This stirred up a lot for me in a time when I’m already pretty stirred. It’s disgusting. It’s sad. And yet not a surprising or unique experience.”

Rossum continued to explain that she herself has been the victim of anti-Semitism, revealing people are usually shocked to discover she is Jewish. “They usually react with ‘Oh! Wow. You don’t really LOOK Jewish,’ and when I offer no response and let the statement linger they continue with some kind of defensive qualifier like ‘I mean that in a GOOD way! As if ‘looking Jewish’ — whatever that means to them — is something I should want to avoid,” Rossum said.

Rossum acknowledged it might not be “helpful to compare,” but “it’s only helpful to find deep deep empathy and love and call out intolerance where we see it — both in ourselves, others, systems, the world. It’s painful and scary. It’s a lifelong commitment and journey…”

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