Jordanian Journalist: Judaism Is A Cancer That Harms Humanity; Barbaric Capitalism Is Rooted In Jewish Ideas

April 13, 2020


In an antisemitic article published on the Jordanian news website Al-Awal News, Jordanian author and journalist Kafa Al-Zou’bi writes that the current coronavirus epidemic reminds her of Jose Saramago’s novel Blindness. This novel describes a global epidemic of blindness that is not only physical but also moral and is manifest in a complete loss of values and humanity as people fight over material resources in a bitter struggle to survive. Implying that the world is in a similar state, Al-Zou’bi writes that the source of the problem is capitalism, which is barbaric, greedy, and also “Jewish” – because it is Judaism that bears the greatest responsibility  for the evil and brutal aspects of capitalism. This religion, she says, is “a cancer that has harmed humanity from the dawn of its civilized history,” because it regards non-Jews as inferior creatures who are detested by God and can be killed with impunity.

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