Muslim and Jewish Paramedics Join Forces to Save a Mother’s Life in Jerusalem

A United Hatzalah ambulance.

July 15, 2021

In a heartwarming moment of interfaith solidarity, Muslim and Jewish paramedics teamed up to save a Jewish mother’s life in Jerusalem’s Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood earlier this week.

Just three minutes after a Jewish man frantically alerted emergency services about his wife’s deteriorating breathing condition on Sunday night, three medics from United Hatzalah’s east Jerusalem Muslim chapter quickly arrived on scene to aid her.

They were soon joined by Jewish medics from an ambulance team which happened to be in the area, as well as further Jewish volunteers from United Hatzalah.

The combined team promptly relieved the woman’s eldest son of CPR efforts and performed an array of first aid treatments, including defibrillation, IV therapy, and assisted ventilation.

Fortunately, the woman’s pulse and breathing soon returned.

“I help everyone in need regardless of who they are. I live in the refugee camp in Shuafat, and I am always in and out helping people both in Shuafat and in Pisgat Ze’ev,” stated Baha Sader, one of the Muslim volunteers.

“I was so excited after the CPR that I went home and woke up my wife and told her that I saved a Jewish woman’s life,” he added. “I was brimming over with so much joy I just had to share it.”