One Minute Global Anti-Semitism Video Report: May 7, 2021

May 7, 2021

A concerning spate of antisemitic incidents occurred in the U.S. this week. Seattle police are searching for a man who made a Heil Hitler salute and death threats while stalking a Jewish family’s home. A Portland, Oregon Holocaust memorial was defaced with Neo-Nazi graffiti, and Baltimore police are investigating the recent murder of an Israeli man as a potential hate crime. 

In Cologne, Germany, Holocaust memorial stumbling blocks were defaced with BDS graffiti, and hundreds of Neo-Nazis participated in a public rally in Milan, Italy. After 45 Jews died in the Lag B’Omer tragedy in Israel, thousands of Arabic social media users erupted in celebration.

In contrast, an Israeli Jewish father embraced a Bedouin police officer for saving his son’s life during the Lag B’Omer tragedy. U.S. President Joe Biden hailed the contributions of Jewish Americans in a proclamation for Jewish American Heritage Month.

CAM’s global anti-Semitism report this week highlights 37 new media reports of anti-Semitic incidents: 18 incidents (48.6%) from the far-right, 4 incidents (10.8%) from the far-left, 5 incidents (13.5%) with Islamist motivations, and 10 unidentifiable incidents (27%).

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