The Omni-American Movement Is Now on Twitter!

July 14, 2022

The Omni-American Movement — a Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM) partner — is now on Twitter!

Follow @Omni_American_ and share its content with your friends and family to help strike at the root of ideologies that foster division, manipulation, and hatred.

The Omni-American Movement aims to change the way people think about racism and antisemitism. There is a substantive reason to oppose racism and antisemitism, aside from the always present necessity of defending rights and preventing harm and injury. The substantive problem is that racism and antisemitism close us off to possible sources of human flourishing. What’s the opposite of racism and antisemitism? The love of human excellence.

For more information about the Omni-American Movement, please visit: event.omniamerican.org

Recordings of the Omni-American Movement’s two-day launch event from last fall can be viewed below: