TikTok Star Baby Ariel Partners With CAM to #SmashHate for International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Baby Ariel.

January 27, 2021

With anti-Semitism on the rise across the ideological spectrum, Baby Ariel spoke out in commemoration of International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Wednesday, alerting her fans to the dangers of prejudice and hatred. The Combat Anti-Semitism Movement is honored to collaborate with Baby Ariel on the #SmashHate campaign to educate millions of young people about the multiple manifestations of contemporary anti-Semitism and their dangers. By raising awareness and helping to educate young people on social media, together we can create a better path forward for all of humanity.

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Post your story on social media about how you have received and overcome hate, with the hashtag #SmashHate. The #SmashHate campaign will culminate when Baby Ariel joins the Combat Anti-Semitism Movement’s 2021 Annual Summit on February 25th. At the summit, she will present several of her followers’ #SmashHate stories.

The Jewish social media star, a Florida native, has used the power of her influence in the past to stand up for causes she believes in – including the launch of an anti-bullying campaign called the #ArielMovement.

In her message for International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Baby Ariel described receiving her “fair share of hate” on social media “as a girl of Jewish and Hispanic descent.” She told her viewers she wanted to “talk about hate that kills,” and recalled how during World War II, the Nazis murdered more than six million Jews, as well as millions of others.

She went on to explain, “Over the last few years, that same kind of hate, is rising again in too many places,” and then declared, “We need to speak up now to do something about it because it is spreading and because it can happen again.”

She ended her video message with a call to action, saying, “In honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, let’s spread awareness, light and love to drive out the hate,” and she urged her followers to join her initiative, telling them, “Share your story with how you have received and overcome hate with the hashtag #SmashHate and the hashtag #NeverAgain.”

At a time when 49% of millennials are unable to name a single Nazi concentration camp or ghetto from the Holocaust, education on the subject has never been more important to keep the ethos of “Never Again” alive for future generations.