Two Swiss Synagogues Targeted With Pork Products in Anti-Semitic Episode

The package of pork and a stuffed pig left at the door of a synagogue in Lausanne, Switzerland.

February 9, 2021

Pork products were used in two recent anti-Semitic incidents on synagogues in Switzerland, according to media reports.

In the first incident, on Jan. 30, a package of bacon and a stuffed pig were placed at the door of a synagogue in the city of Lausanne.

Four days later, on Feb. 3, a woman hurled pieces of pork toward the Liberal Jewish Community synagogue in Geneva.

The acts were committed by different perpetrators, according to the Intercommunity Coordination Against Antisemitism and Defamation (CICAD), a Swiss Jewish watchdog group.

CICAD said that criminal complaints would be filed.

“Acts of this nature are an insult to any Jew,” a CICAD statement declared.