13 Jews

August 17, 2020

By David Kerner

Zalman Schreiber, Dovid Neiburg and David Kerner recorded their original song, “13 Jews,” soon after the initial arrests of 13 Iranian Jews in the year 2000. As events progressed the trio added verses to the song. They went on to perform it with Joe Fishof, Raphael Rose, and Micky Lane, z’l, at local gatherings, culminating in a performance at the Central Park “Israel Day” concert, and also at a rally in support of the Iran 13 at Lafayette Park opposite the White House.

The 13 Iranian Jews and ages at the time of their arrest in the year 2000:
Javeed Beit Yakov, 40
Navid Bala Zadeh, 16
Nejat Broukhim, 35
Ramin Farzam, 35
Nasser Levi Haim, 45
Faramarz Kashi, 34, and his brother Farzad Kashi, 30
Ramin Nemati, 22
Shahrokh Paknahad, 29
Farhad Saleh, 30
Dani Teffilin, 28, and his brother Omid Teffilin, 25
Asher Zadmehr, 48

Watch the YouTube video below to listen to the song.

Lyrics, vocal and music: David Kerner; Second vocal, Synthesizers, Bass: Zalman Schreiber; Percussion: Dovid Neiburg.
Recorded at ZalmoSounds, New York. From the Bond of Love album. Kernersongs.com.

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