Anti-Semitism is Like A Cancer

July 21, 2020

By Julie Fields-Marx

Anti-Semitism is like a cancer.
To end it, we must all unite to fight for what is clearly right.
Together we will find the answer.

Anti-Semitism is based on hate.
To be free, we must let hate go and let understanding grow.
To respect our differences and accept them in each other is great.

Anti-Semitism is denying Israel’s right to exist.
Israel is a beacon of democracy with an independent judiciary.
The only free press Middle eastern country, what a twist!

Anti-Semitism is based on lies and exaggeration.
We must stand up to falsehood, misperception, and reporting that is no good.
The Jewish people must be strong in their identity and never have self deprecation.

Anti-Semitism denies the right of Jews to exist as Jews by not having the same rights as
Such hostility should never be!
The common rules of all world religions are to love each other like sisters and brothers.

Anti-Semitism blames the Jews for the world’s bad news.
Diverting attention from the world problems of poverty, human trafficking and degradation,
unemployment, and lack of education.
Instead, all the countries in the UN should work together to lead the fights to strongly secure all
global human rights.

Anti-Semitism does not see that the nation of Israel is the recognized ONE Jewish state,
Yet there are 56 Muslims nations and 103 Christian nations formally recognized as so.
Count those numbers and see that the tiny in land size Jewish nation deserves to not only
exist, but to thrive, and is also an important part of the Middle East “show”.

Anti-Semitism hurts us all eventually.
People of all religions and every different culture must work to combat this ugly vulture.
Together we can create a better world with an open heart and mind that is free.

Julie Fields-Marx’s poem was a winner of the Combat Anti-Semitism Movement’s Emma Lazarus Art Award.