Get it Right!

July 21, 2020

By David Kerner 

David Kerner’s song, “Get it Right!” was a winner of the Combat Anti-Semitism Movement’s Emma Lazarus Art Contest.

In Germany it all began

With a separation plan

They sewed a yellow star on every Jew

Now fast forward to today

When there is a plan in play

To separate the nation of the Jews.

You can label all her goods

And in fact perhaps you should

But just make sure you get it right

“From the one democracy

In a sea of tyranny

Shining like a beacon in the night”.

Will you put that on your labels?

And forsake your myths and fables?

Take a stand for truth come don’t be shy

You might lose some misled friends

But you should know that in the end

You’ll be walking with your head held high.

So come walk with us, and hold your head up high

From Israel we’ll buy, buy, buy

Look for that label – blue and white

And take a stand for what is right

And you’ll be walking with your head held high!

David song can be viewed in the video below: