The Combat Anti-Semitism Venture Creative Contest – Round 2

May 6, 2020

Join the Combat Anti-Semitism Venture Creative Contest and submit your idea on how to combat anti-Semitism. Successful entries can win up to $50,000 to implement your social venture project to help make an impact in the fight against anti-Semitism!

Submit a plan for a social venture to help stop anti-Semitism. The award prize will be a seed investment to jumpstart your social start-up. Creative solutions are needed to help end anti-Semitism. Propose an idea for a social venture that can contribute in a meaningful way to the struggle against anti-Semitism. Outstanding ideas will receive seed funding to turn the idea into action – with the top idea receiving up to $50,000.

Individuals, teams, and established organizations are all encouraged to submit entries. For teams and organizations entering the contest, list one main contact in the entry form and note additional information about the team or organization in the optional comment section at the bottom.

To learn more, watch the video below:

To submit your plan to combat anti-Semitism, click here: https://bit.ly/3aRO4sI