Opening Lecture of the 2020 ISGAP-Oxford Summer Institute

August 10, 2020


In the opening lecture of the 2020 ISGAP-Oxford Summer Institute, ISGAP Executive Director Dr. Charles Asher Small, Rabbi Akiva Zweig and Natan Sharansky discuss anti-Semitism through a modern lens. Dr. Small, who is also Research Scholar at St. Antony’s college, speaks of the need to create modern anti-Semitism studies within academia in order to create a community of academics who can engage on the subject.

Rabbi Zweig, Dean of the Talmudic College of Florida, explores the role of Jews in the world according to the Torah and how anti-Semitism rejects this paradigm. Concluding the lecture, Natan Sharansky, Former Chairman of the Jewish Agency, discusses the need for and outlines the definitions of anti-Semitism in the modern era.

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