The Thing I Hate the Most

July 21, 2020

By Steven Galitzer 

The worst thing ever

To the antisemitism that hate brings
Is like the death of kings

To the antisemitism that made the jews who never harmed
Be always alarmed

To the antisemitism that creates flames of hatred
Can be felt throughout the nations

To the antisemitism that we all say to it never again
But we all know never will it happen is a matter of when

To the antisemitism that causes shootings in Shuls and religious places alike
Makes the death rate spike

To the antisemitism that we all want removed
So that peace can be introduced

To the antisemitism that causes screams to echo in your mind
That shall be felt throughout all mankind

To the antisemitism that distinguishes hope
We shall say nope

To the antisemitism that brings red violence and doom
We need to wipe it away with a broom

Never again we should all say
because I believe peace will stay


Peace is gentle and fragile like a twig

Peace is what I strive to gain

Peace is necessary to bring us together

Peace can put an end to the red and bring about the blue

Peace is what we hope for in our lives

Peace is a dream and life is reality

Peace is warm and will make you feel safe

Peace is like a parent watching over you

Peace is perfect, no faults at all

Peace is everlasting or so they say

Peace is within every single one of us you just need to find it

If you find peace within yourself, you could find it in everyone else

Steven Galitzer’s poem was a winner of the Combat Anti-Semitism Movement’s Emma Lazarus Art Award.