Watch: Stamping Out Antisemitism – How STAMP IT! Uses Canceled Postage Stamps to Honor Holocaust Victims

July 8, 2021

The STAMP IT! project was launched four years ago by Maryland Hebrew school teacher Richard Sloane. The original goal of STAMP IT! was to collect and display 11 million canceled postage stamps, honoring the 11 million victims of the Nazi genocide. Today, the initiative has three main purposes.

Each canceled stamp collected signifies a single life canceled by the Nazis; efforts to stamp out the sinat chanim, or baseless hate, that sadly still plagues America and the wider world; and efforts to stamp on education, tolerance, compassion, respect, inclusion, and faith.

In its short existence, STAMP IT! has flourished, expanding beyond its initial aims, thanks to tireless efforts of Sloane and other project participants, including students, teachers, and stamp collectors.

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