Can I enter the contest if I’m not Jewish?
Yes. People of all backgrounds and all ages from any country in the world are welcome to enter the contest. Anti-Semitism is a human issue – and it needs everyone’s help to end it once and for all. You must 13 years or older to participate in the contest.

Does my name have to be made public if I win?
No. If you have a compelling reason for remaining anonymous, please let us know in the optional comment form when you enter the contest. We will showcase your winning entry but do not have to include your actual name. However, to enter the contest you must provide your real name and accurate contact information.

I am making a submission with two friends. What happens if we win the prize?
One of your trio will need to be listed as the primary entrant in your entry form. That person’s identity will be verified in our review process. If your team wins an award, that person will receive the cash prize by check. Within your team, you (and not the contest organizers) will be responsible for dividing up the prize.

I have an unusual idea for an entry. Is it okay to submit it?
Beyond the contest’s specific guidelines, you are encouraged to be creative. If you can come up with an unusual way to address the main question, please submit it. Aside from sticking to the essential rules, we welcome “outside-the-box” entries.

Anti-Semitism seems like overwhelming problem – how can I can make a difference?
The problem is significant, but every solution begins with small steps. You have the ability to help make progress. Think about ways in your own life and community where you can contribute. Think about ways people like you can do the right thing. Take inspiration from other civil rights movements that tackled big problems in small pieces and ultimately succeeded.

Why does CombatAntiSemitism.org reserve the right to reproduce my entry? 
The purpose of the contest is to crowd-source exciting new ideas to help inspire people to take action against anti-Semitism. We are soliciting outstanding content precisely so it can be shared, promoted, and publicized. We hope your entry will be a spark to help advance the movement. At the same time, you are free on your own to reproduce your entry.

Have any additional questions?? 
If you have questions about the contest, please see the Contest Rules, please email [email protected] or call +1-913-914-2191.