Roei Derhi

Roei Derhi is an Israeli Jewish fashion designer and 3D artist. After his graduation show at the Shenkar College fashion department, a Swedish fashion company recruited Roei and relocated him to Sweden to join their design team.

In 2021, Roei created and launched the fashion brand PLACEBO, collaborating with renowned names in the industry such as H&M, Mugler, threeASFOUR, and even Beyonce. In 2023, Roei was selected for the “40 Under 40” list of GEN3 magazine. Roei is a lecturer at both Shenkar College and Beckman Design School.

After October 7th, Roei decided to combat antisemitism by sharing the story of how it has been depicted in art and design throughout Jewish history. His speaking presentation is titled “Tracing Antisemitism Through Artistic Canvases.”