Amazon Sells Portrait of Adolf Hitler

November 26, 2020

One of CAM’s members reported that the Amazon vendor “Forefathers-Art” is selling a framed portrait of Adolf Hitler to consumers around the world. The seller offers other neo-Nazi paraphernalia as well, including a poster of an SS soldier. Amazon, which has been ranked as the world’s most valuable brand, is under fire due to its virtual AI product Alexa offering anti-Semitic answers to questions about Jewish people. 

Amazon has the responsibility to control what its vendors sell on the website. Nonetheless, it continues to allow sellers to promote anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi items that glorify Adolf Hitler, Nazism and the Holocaust. On Wednesday the co-Chairs of the UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism (APPG) wrote to Amazon about anti-Semitic content being broadcast by their flagship smart speaker named Alexa. They found that the Alexa voice service offers answers from anti-Semitic and conspiracy theory websites.

One example revealed Alexa saying: “According to palwatch.org, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the swindlers of Zion have revealed their schemes to subjugate the nations and take control over the world.” The APPG raised the issue of Amazon’s promotion of anti-Semitism with the British home secretary.

It is imperative that Amazon controls the content it disseminates and prevents anti-Semitic messaging and glorification of the Holocaust. While anti-Semitic items may not be visible on Amazon’s homepage, a quick search reveals that there are tens of neo-Nazi items available for sale to those who look for them. We encourage other members of our coalition to report anti-Semitism on Amazon.