Ask The Source with Josh Reinstein: What is the Combat Anti-Semitism Movement?

August 11, 2020

Executive Director Sacha Roytman-Dratwa recently sat down with Ask The Source host Josh Reinstein from Israel Now News’ studio in Jerusalem to explain the Combat Anti-Semitism Movement’s (CAM) platform and the ideas behind the Movement. Sacha Roytman shares his personal experiences with anti-Semitism and explains his motivation for leading a global interfaith coalition of organizations and individuals who have decided to come together to end anti-Semitism.

According to Roytman, “We’re at a point in history where we can not accept anti-Semitism in our society anymore. It is affecting all of us. We can not do it alone separately as organizations or individuals, so we decided to bring everyone together as a movement to make a big difference.”

In the interview, Reinstein notes how the “movement is spreading like wildfire” and that “we’re seeing hundreds of thousands of people getting on board.” When asked by Reinstein why it so important to get involved with combating anti-Semitism, Roytman explained, “People from all faiths are joining together because they feel society has changed. We have more hatred in the streets, on social media, in politics and people want to see something new. We are offering a platform for this.”

Reinstein and Roytman also discuss the sharp rise in anti-Semitism during the time of the coronavirus and how in polite society it has become acceptable to say anti-Semitic things including expressing a desire to destroy Israel. In their candid conversation Reinstein and Roytman explain how old anti-Semitic tropes like the Blood Libel have been repackaged with language around Zionism and Israel.

In closing, Roytman expresses his belief in the common values that Jews and Christians share and how both communities need to work together for a better world. He concludes by urging viewers to to join CAM by signing its pledge and becoming part of the fight against anti-Semitism.

Watch the full interview below.