At National Summit, Club Z Urges Adoption of Jewish Students Bill of Rights

Screenshots from Club Z's national summit.

January 25, 2021

The teen Zionist group Club Z held on Sunday its “Break Free” National Summit, where it called for educational bodies in the US to adopt a five-point Jewish Students Bill of Rights, amid a surge of anti-Semitic incidents in schools across the country.

Hundreds of activists took part in the virtual event, which was organized in partnership with the Combat Anti-Semitism Movement (CAM).

The keynote speaker was Lawfare Project Founder and Executive Director Brooke Goldstein, who urged pro-Israel students to use the language of civil rights advocacy in their efforts to push back against the discriminatory BDS movement.

The event featured a panel discussion involving several young Zionist influencers, including Adela Cojab, Joshua Washington, and Julia Jassey.

Club Z and CAM also launched the “Emerging Zionist Leadership Award,” a new honor recognizing the activism work of a Jewish teen in advancing Zionism, Israel advocacy, and/or combating anti-Semitism.

The Jewish Students Bill of Rights, developed by Club Z, outlines five basic rights Jewish students should be entitled to at their schools: (1) free expression of their Jewish identity, (2) a fair education, (3) a safe learning environment, (4) a comprehensive definition of antisemitism, (5) fair protections.

Watch the full event below:

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