CAM Coalition Partners Spotlight: Appointments, Surveys, Retreats, and More

July 28, 2022

From reporting findings of a survey on antisemitism to multiple organizations appointing incredible people to important positions, the CAM partner coalition has had an inspiring week. Additionally, coalition members are speaking out against antisemitism and providing students with the skills to do the same.

Here is a sampling of how CAM partners made a difference this week:


Sigma Alpha Mu (Sammy): Over 100 years ago, Sigma Alpha Mu was founded at the College of the City of New York as a fraternity of Jewish men. The fraternity “fosters the development of collegiate men and their alumni by instilling strong fraternal values, offering social and service opportunities, encouraging academic excellence, and teaching leadership skills.” Learn more about Sigma Alpha Mu’s work and mission from Executive Director Andy Huston.

Upcoming Events

Philos Project: Applications for Pathfinder, the Philos Project’s leadership program, are opening in August, but you can sign up to get a message when they open now! Pathfinder consists of online mini-courses and an in-person retreat for qualified participants, which focuses on a program that “orients Christians towards the region where their faith was born and equips them to lead in the face of conflict.”

Read more here.

Partner Achievements

Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA): On July 24th, the JCPA published findings from a survey they conducted earlier this year. The survey asked Jewish and non-Jewish Americans about their understanding of antisemitism. JCPA found that “both our ‘general’ American and Jewish American samples are overwhelmingly unaware of any specific efforts to ‘combat’ antisemitism by any Jewish organization.”

Read more here.

Israel on Campus Coalition (ICC): Earlier in July, the ICC’s Field Professional Retreat took place, and on July 21st, Jacob Baime, chief executive officer of ICC, reflected on his experience. Attendees heard from leading voices in support of the U.S.-Israel relationship. The rise of antisemitism online during Covid was a major topic of conversation.

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The Jewish Federations of North America: Born in Odesa, Ukraine and now having returned to her country of birth to assist in the ongoing Ukrainian refugee crisis, JFNA SVP of Public Affairs Elana Broitman has served on the frontlines of the Jewish community’s efforts to assist in the resettlement of Ukrainian refugees.

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Recommended Readings and Viewings

B’nai Brith Canada: On July 21st, the Montreal Gazette published an article that highlighted the role played by B’nai B’rith Canada in a recent arrest. In May, BBC asked the Montreal police hate-squad unit to investigate the assault against a man carrying a rolled-up Israeli flag after attending a celebration of Israel’s independence.

Read more here.

The International Legal Forum (ILF): Earlier this week, CEO Arsen Ostrovsky appeared on i24NEWS. Ostrovsky spoke about the deeply concerning incident of neo-Nazis waving Nazi flags outside the Tampa Convention Center on July 23rd and the collective rise of antisemitism on both the political right and left.

Watch here.

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