CAM Coalition Partners Spotlight: From a Student-Led Interfaith Initiative to Nurture Jewish Life on Campus to Exposing the Dark Antisemitic Beliefs of Henry Ford

June 23, 2022

College students from all backgrounds are determined to work together to fight against all forms of contemporary antisemitism. As we’ve seen with non-Jewish students at Indiana University and Hindu American students from across the U.S., interfaith collaboration is needed to facilitate dialogue, thus lowering the temperature on campuses. As the United States and Canada celebrate heroes, Germany grapples with baffling court decisions. For future generations to be free from the vice of unadulterated hatred, we need to learn the history of infamous antisemites and the living memory of the Holocaust.

Here is a snapshot of how CAM’s global partners are making a difference this week:



Indiana University: Meet Indiana University’s “Antisemitism Prevention Task Force,” an inspiring student-led interfaith initiative to fight religious bigotry and nurture Jewish life on campus. We’re proud of Indiana Hillel and Chabad Lubavitch of Indiana for supporting their students to be proud of their Jewish Hoosier identity.

Watch and learn about this inspiring student-led initiative here.


Recent Events

Hindu American Foundation and StandWithUs: Young people often bear the worst of discrimination & hatred due to their identities. Hear from Yael Lerman, Director of  the StandWithUs legal department and Samir Kalra, Managing Director for the Hindu American Foundation on how Hindus and Jews can stand together against religiously-biased hatred in high school and college.


Partner Achievements

Hasbara Fellowships Canada: For its second year and named after Israel’s first female Prime Minister, Hasbara Fellowships Canada has hosted the Golda Awards, which celebrates and honors students that have impacted the Jewish people through their advocacy on campus and in their communities.

Learn more about the Golda Awards here.


World Jewish Congress (WJC): In living memory of the Holocaust, antisemitism has once again entered the mainstream. WJC representative for the UN and UNESCO, Leon Saltiel, provides his eloquent reflections on how the world needs to address it as The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance meets in Sweden.

Read more about prejudice and active discrimination here.


Recommended Readings and Viewings

AISH: Henry Ford revolutionized the car industry by popularizing the process of the modern assembly line. Many people, however, do not know of the dark antisemitic beliefs that he spread and the award he received from Hitler himself.

View more here.


Abraham Global Peace Initiative: In a disturbing German court decision, St. Marien church in Wittenberg, Germany will not be required to remove a sculpture that depicts Jews suckling from a pig. Avi Benlolo states his frustration and disappointment in the decision in a reflective commentary.

Read his thoughts and frustrations here.


Philos Project: Christian communities across the Middle East continue to experience discrimination and open persecution. Executive Director Robert Nicholson warns how leaders around the world should stand with Middle East Christians and address this issue in government.

Listen to his JI podcast appearance here.


Secure Community Network (SCN): With antisemitic and racist hatred on the rise across the United States, more Nonprofit Security Grant Program funding is needed to help Jewish and Black institutions protect themselves. Michael Masters, CEO of SCN and Wayne Frederick, President of Howard University work together to provide a solution.

Read more here.

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