CAM’s Coalition in Action – Taking a Stand Against Anti-Semitism

May 6, 2021

Each week, we highlight the activities of our partner organizations around the world who are doing amazing work to combat anti-Semitism in their communities.

In the week of April 26th our partners promoted the campaign and petition #JusticeForSarah and mourned the tragedy at Mount Meron on the Jewish festival of Lag B’omer. CAM partners around the world stood in solidarity against hateful online celebrations of the deaths in Israel and organized events to raise awareness about the grave injustice committed against Sarah Halimi.



B’nai Brith Canada: Any Incident of Antisemitism is Too Much – Winnipeg Jews Speak Out


AFPC: Entrepreneur Empowers Family to Stand Up to Antisemitism


European Jewish Congress: The Lives of 10,000 Jewish and “Non-Aryan” Children Were Saved Pre-Holocaust


MirYam Institute: Teach Children About Antisemitism and Prejudice


Maccabee Task Force: Twitter Must Remove the Hateful Hashtag Celebrating Death on Mount Meron


NGO Monitor: Funding from European Governments for Humanitarian Projects Diverted to PFLP Terror Group


ALMA: Hezbollah’s Rocket and Missile Array Report


Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs: Morocco’s Battle Against Islamist Terrorism


UN Watch: UN Durban Conference


Jewish Interactive: 6 Thoughts for 6 Days



CAM Partners: Demand Twitter Remove Hashtag Celebrating Mount Meron Tragedy


Claims Conference: #ItStartedWithWords Campaign


CIJA: Complete the 2021 Census!



Stand With Us: New England Student Panel on Antisemitism


AZM: American Zionist Movement National Conference


CAEF: In Memory of Sarah Halimi – Challenging the Media, Politicians, Academia to End Jew Hatred


AJC: The Growing Normalization of Antisemitism


Club Z: Four Inspiring Jewish Women Tell Their Stories 


ELNET: Discussion with Bernard Henri-Levy

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