CAM’s Coalition in Action – Taking a Stand Against Anti-Semitism

April 23, 2021

Each week, we highlight the activities of our partner organizations around the world who are doing amazing work to combat anti-Semitism in their communities.

This week, Jewish communities and allies around the world watched in horror as the family of Sarah Halimi was denied justice in France. CAM partnered with French Jewish umbrella organization the CRIF to launch a solidarity campaign for Sarah Halimi. In addition, many of CAM’s partners stood up against the lack of coverage from major English-language news outlets and vowed to support Halimi’s family and the French-Jewish community by hosting rallies in-person or virtually. In addition, this week our partner the American Muslims and Multifaith Female Empowerment Council (AMWEC) marked the Muslim festival of Ramadan with a virtual interfaith iftar.




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