Combat Antisemitism Movement Database of Holocaust Trivialization Incidents Since Summer 2021

Anti-vaccination pass protesters in Rome, Italy, July 27, 2021. Photo: The Associated Press / Riccardo De Luca.

January 5, 2022

Since this past summer, as debates over Covid-19 pandemic-related health measures implemented by governments around the world have grown more rancorous, the trivialization of the Holocaust (or the purposeful obfuscation of the distinctive nature and scope of the Nazi genocide of the Jews) has unfortunately become an all-too-common trend in the public sphere.

Crisscrossing the ideological and political spectrum, these trivialization incidents have included the wearing of Stars of David and mock concentration camp uniforms at protests, the performance of Nazi salutes at city council and school board meetings, the vandalization of World War II and Holocaust memorials, the likening of modern-day government officials to Nazi leaders, and the distribution of flyers propagating conspiracy theories about Jews, among other transgressions, all of which constitute manifestations of antisemitism, according to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Working Definition of Antisemitism.

The comparison of contemporary health policies to the systematic persecution and extermination of European Jews by the Nazi regime not only minimizes their suffering, but also disregards the unique horrors that Jews and other victims of the Nazis endured during the Holocaust.

The following is a list of Holocaust trivialization events that have occurred since July 2021 — 132 in total. It will be updated as further developments warrant:

Compiègne, France, January 12 – Anti-vaccine pass protester Eloi Fauvergue, who targeted Jewish lawmakers with a “Qui?” sign (literally “who” in French, but also a code word for Jews) including horns added to the “Q,” was sentenced to three months in prison for the offense of “public provocation to hatred or violence.” Read more.

Washington, DC, United States, January 12 – Ohio Congressman Warren Davidson tweeted an image of a Nazi-era health pass and compared it to Washington DC’s vaccine mandate, saying, “This has been done before #DoNotComply.” Read more.

Zotzenbach, Germany, January 12 – A sign pasted on a church’s outdoor information board said, “No access for Jews and no vaccinated.” The church’s pastor condemned the incident. Read more.

New York, New York, United States, January 11 – New York City Council member Vickie Paladino publicly apologized for her comment during an interview on local news channel NY1 that she did not “need to show you my papers, this is not Nazi Germany.” Read more.

Scotland, United Kingdom, January 11 – Online forums (i.e. Telegram) across Scotland have continued to draw white supremacists and neo-Nazis, with the widespread dissemination of violent and antisemitic messaging in connection with pandemic-related health measures. Read more.

Beit Shemesh, Israel, January 9 – A McDonald’s customer posted a video on TikTok comparing the restaurant’s kiosk asking him for his vaccination status to the anti-Jewish policies of Nazi Germany. He responded that he did not have the “Green Pass” and the kiosk automatically canceled his order, leading him to say, “Sounds like Nazi Germany — that’s where we’re at.” Read more.

Munich, Germany, January 7 – Police arrested a man who was among a group of 20 people who were walking toward the city’s Jewish community center after a protest against pandemic-related health measures. The group included convicted neo-Nazi terrorist Karl-Heinz Statzberger, who took part in an attempted bombing of the JCC in 2003. Read more.

Northampton, Massachusetts, United States, January 7 – During an online Board of Health meeting discussion on a vaccine mandate for restaurants and bars in the city, multiple participants made offensive gestures on camera and used antisemitic language, including implying that the board members were “unelected, rich Jewish doctors” who would “put people in camps.” Read more.

Noblesville, Indiana, United States, January 5 – Indiana State Senator Scott Baldwin stated in a committee meeting that school teachers should teach history objectively, without taking a position on Nazism, so students could “formulate their own viewpoints.” Read more.

Frisco, Texas, United States, January 5 – Ahead of starting a two-month prison term for her actions at the January 2021 U.S. Capitol riot, realtor Jenna Ryan told an interviewer she was being treated like the “Jews in Germany.” Read more.

Wesel, Germany, January 5 – A Telegram group based in Wesel reappeared, with members exchanging conspiracy theories blaming Jews for the Covid-19 pandemic and openly denying the Holocaust, which is illegal in Germany. Read more.

Bucharest, Romania, January 4 – Reacting to the Romanian Parliament’s vote in favor of mandatory education on the Holocaust and Jewish history in schools, the right-wing nationalist Alliance for the Union of Romanians party declared this would “undermine the quality of education in Romania.” Read more.

United States, January 4 – TikTok comedian Carollynn Xavier — “@carollynn_thechristian” — made a video with her head shaved with the comment “first day at an unvaccinated camp.” She was condemned by Holocaust survivor Gidon Lev, who was imprisoned at Theresienstadt during World War II. Read more.

Vienna, Austria, January 4 – The Austrian Jewish Student Union sued the head of the far-right FPÖ party, Herbert Kickl, over alleged antisemitic comments he made in an interview in which he downplayed Holocaust trivialization at protests against Covid-19 health measures. Read more.

Jerusalem, Israel, December 26 — Knesset member Gadi Yevarkan was forcibly removed from a hearing after comparing the pandemic restrictions in Israel to the Holocaust, yelling, “All that’s missing is concentration camps.” Read more.

Greifswald, Germany, December 25 — On the side of a university hospital, the phrase “The Jew is Unvaccinated!” — spray-painted in three-foot tall letters — was discovered early on Christmas morning. Read more.

Brussels, Belgium, December 24 – Near the Israeli Diplomatic Mission to Belgium in the Brussels commune of Uccle, two vandalizations in the same neighborhood took place in a single week. In the first, “Juif = Nazi” was spray-painted on a sidewalk, and in the second, “Ashkenazi axe Nazi” was spray-painted on a wall. Read more.

Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, England, United Kingdom, December 24 – Palestinian academic and author Shahd Abusalama defended a student who made a poster that said “Stop the Palestinian Holocaust.” The university made a statement saying it had adopted the IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism in February 2021 and had launched an investigation into incident. Read more.

Rye, New York, United States, December 23 – A resident of the city and member of the Rye Facebook community group posted an image of a yellow Star of David in the group, which was promptly taken down by the administrators of the group, to protest vaccine rules. The Anti-Defamation League and City of Rye publicly condemned the incident. Read more.

Amberg, Germany, December 22 – Comparing pandemic restrictions with Holocaust victims, a letter saying “It always starts with exclusion” and cemetery candles were placed near the stumbling blocks of Fanny and Karl Haymann, both murdered during the Holocaust. Read more.

Los Angeles, California, United States, December 21 – An antisemitic poster, combining an “A” and a “V” to create a Star of David with the description “anti-vaxx,” appeared in the Fairfax neighborhood. Flyers were also found in nearby cities that linked the US government and the pandemic to a global Jewish conspiracy. Read more.

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, December 21 – Participants in an anti-vaccine rally wore and held signs with Stars of David on them, comparing vaccine campaigns to the Nazi persecution of Jews. Read more.

Washington, D.C., United States, December 20 – Elementary school children were told to reenact horrific scenes from the Holocaust during class. When the children asked their teacher why the Germans killed Jews, she told them that it was because “Jews ruined Christmas.” Read more.

Ukraine, December 20 – An online shopping website was selling a mock Lacoste sweatshirt with the word “Holocoste.” After Project Kesher sent a formal complaint, the merchandise was removed in two hours. Read more.

Freiburg, Germany, December 20 – Next to the Holocaust memorial at the city’s Old Synagogue, an anti-vaccination sign with the phrase “Not Again” appeared. Read more.

Emerson College, Boston, Massachusetts, United States, December 17 – A professor asked a student to speak in German and when the student refused, he gave a Nazi salute toward her and other Jewish students in the class. This professor has also been reported for similar behavior prior to this incident. Read more.

Bavaria, Germany, December 16 – Since the start of December, 15 antisemitic cases had been reported throughout the region. Most cases were posters with antisemitic slogans or images and people shouting antisemitic statements in public. Read more.

Westpark, Dortmund, Germany, December 15 – Cardboard signs with antisemitic slogans, blaming the Jews for restrictive pandemic measures, appeared at the memorial site for a Jewish cemetery that was located there prior to WWII. Read more.

Warsaw, Poland, December 15 – Poland’s prime minister and the Auschwitz Memorial condemned the use of a banner that read “Vaccination sets you free” at an anti-vaccine rally in downtown Warsaw. Read more.

London, England, United Kingdom, December 13 – MP Marcus Fysh compared Covid-19 health measures to Nazi policies, saying he would no part in voting for them, particularly vaccine passes. Read more.

Suresnes, France, December 13 – A WWII memorial honoring French soldiers and Resistance fighters was vandalized with “anti (vaccine) pass” graffiti. Read more.

The graffiti in Suresnes, France.


Worcester, Massachusetts, United States, December 10 – A Worcester firefighter posted an image of U.S. President Joe Biden as Adolf Hitler on his personal Instagram account, with Nazi symbols and images both in the foreground and background of the picture. Read more.

North Shropshire, England, United Kingdom, December 7 – A political candidate Helen Morgan compared Home Secretary Priti Patel to Joseph Mengele, the Auschwitz doctor who experimented on Jewish prisoners, after he made a statement about preventing small boats from docking in the UK. Read more.

Brussels, Belgium, December 6 – In reaction to protesters using yellow Stars of David during a rally against the vaccine campaign, European Jewish Association (EJA) Chairman Rabbi Menachem Margolin expressed outrage over the comparison was between taking a vaccine for public health and the “systematic murder of six-million Jews.” Read more.

United States, November 30Fox Nation host Lara Logan compared NIAID Director Anthony Fauci to Nazi doctor Joseph Mengele, who experimented on Jewish concentration camp prisoners, in his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. She likened those who received vaccinations to Jews Mengele experimented on at Auschwitz. Read more.

Manchester, England, United Kingdom, November 28 – Soccer pundit Carlton Cole apologized for his statement directed at West Ham that it would face a “Holocaust” if it did not play well in a Premier League match against rival Manchester City. Read more.

Torino, Italy, November 26 – The leader of the anti-vaccine pass movement in the city of Turin, Marco Liccione, posted on Facebook that people who refused to get the shot were like Jews in Nazi Germany and subject to the same discrimination. Read more.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, November 26 – Stickers with Holocaust symbols and images of Hitler were found around the city, comparing vaccines to Nazi policies targeting Jews. The  anti-vaccine group behind the stickers likened itself to the anti-Nazi White Rose resistance movement. Read more.

One of the stickers that appeared in Melbourne, Australia.


Vienna, Austria, November 22 – 40,000 people participated in an anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine protests, with many wearing yellow Stars of David. Read more.

Lissone, Italy, November 22 – An Italian lawmaker explicitly against vaccine mandates, Fabio Meroni, referred to Holocaust survivor Liliana Segre, who had expressed support for the vaccine campaign, by the number that was tattooed on her forearm at Auschwitz. Read more.

Riverdale, Bronx, New York, United States, November 15 – Protesters against vaccine mandates gathered outside the house of Bronx Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, who is Jewish, holding signs with swastikas and yellow Stars of David. Read more.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, November 13 – Protesters against the vaccine campaign compared government officials to Nazis and called for violence against them at rallies. Read more.

Kansas City, Kansas, United States, November 13 – Anti-vaccine community members compared vaccine mandates to Nazi Germany at City Hall hearings and wore yellow Stars of David. Read more.

Washington, DC, United States, November 3 – Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene compared U.S. pandemic-related health measures to those implemented by Nazi Germany against the Jews, including saying vaccine mandates for lawmakers were reminiscent of the yellow Stars of David worn by Jews during the Holocaust. Read more.

Munich, Germany, November 3 – Large graffiti reading “The Jew of 2021 is the Unvaccinated” appeared in the Neuhausen borough. Read more.

Victoria, Australia, November 2 – MP Bernie Finn compared Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews to Hitler and Covid-19 restrictions to WWII. Read more.

United States, November 2 – TV personality Ramona Singer endorsed a video online (produced by Robert F. Kennedy) that compared vaccine mandates to Nazi eugenic policies, claiming people were being tested on with the vaccines like prisoners in concentration camps. Read more.

Novara, Italy, November 1 – Protesters against the vaccine pass dressed up as concentration camp inmates and some also drew numbers on their arms. Read more.

Protesters in Novara, Italy, dress up as Nazi concentration camp inmates.


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, November 1 – An anti-vaccine protester dressed up in a mock concentration camp uniform and walked around major intersections in the city. Read more.

Kansas, United States, October 31 – Kansas State Representative Brenda Landwehr compared the state’s mask mandates to the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany. Read more.

Starkville, Mississippi, United States, October 28 – Mississippi State University Jewish students expressed serious concern that anti-vaccine protests featured Nazi imagery, including the university’s president, Mark Keenum, being depicted with a Hitler mustache. Read more.

Plainfield, Connecticut, United States, October 26 – State Representative Anne Dauphinais, in great detail, claimed Covid-19 precautions were akin to Nazi policies. Read more.

Kozani, Greece, October 24 – During a city council meeting, a member made a comparison between the circular economic system and Auschwitz. The speaker was asked to leave and the council condemned the statement. Read more.

Red Bluff, California, United States, October 22 – A teacher at a local middle school posted a video on social media with her wearing a yellow Star of David while condemning the vaccine mandate at her school. Read more.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, October 21 – A number of graffiti vandalizations took place around the country, particularly in Melbourne, where the phrase “Vaxx macht frei,” accompanied by a swastika, were used. Read more.

The graffiti in Melbourne, Australia.


United States, October 17 – A vocal supporter of Bernie Sanders and Black Lives Matter, Shaun King, stated on social media that people only cared about the Holocaust because the victims were European. Read more.

Georgia, United States, October 14 – U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker canceled a fundraiser that was to have been hosted by film producer Bettina Sofia Viviano-Langlais, whose Twitter account displayed an image of a swastika made of syringes. Read more.

South Windsor, Connecticut, United States, October 12 – Town Council candidate Adam Wood withdrew from the election race over antisemitic, racist, misogynistic, and pornographic Instagram posts he published were discovered. Read more.

Hartford, Connecticut, United States, October 12 – State Representative Anne Dauphinais defended her statements against Governor Ned Lamont that compared his Covid-19 measures to Hitler. Read more.

Australia, October 12 – Anti-vaccine blogger Sarah Mills posted images of her and her children dressed up with yellow Stars of David and concentration camp uniforms, along with the quote, “history is repeating itself.” Read more.

Mequon-Thiensville, Wisconsin, United States, October 11 – A candidate in the School Board election, Kris Kittell, reshared a provocative image on social media comparing the government’s Covid-19 response to Nazi Germany. Read more.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, October 7 – University of Toronto Professor Mohammad Fadel set his Twitter profile picture to an image of a Jewish member of Canada’s Tax Court, comparing him to a Nazi. Read more.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, October 4 – Protesters at a small anti-vaccine rally flew a large swastika (made up of syringes) flag. Read more.

A Nazi swastika made of syringes is displayed at an anti-vaccine protest, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Photo: Bri Bright.


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, September 30 – At anti-lockdown protests, many antisemitic signs and banners appeared, including some with the word “Qui?” (literally “who” in French, but also a code word for Jews) and “Jew jab kills.” Read more.

The Hague, Netherlands, September 27 – Yellow Stars of David and antisemitic banners, one saying “Have they died for nothing?” next to Jewish symbols, appeared at an anti-vaccine pass protest. Read more.

Pembroke, Massachusetts, United States, September 26 – Selectman ​​Dan Trabucco compared his interview questions with a diversity committee to as if he was in Nazi Germany. He late defended his statements as “historical fact,” even comparing his interview with “genocide.” Read more.

Anchorage, Alaska, United States, September 25 – Alaskan State Representative David Eastman compared a speech by U.S President Joe Biden to Adolf Hitler and included a link to a known antisemitic website that denies the Holocaust. Read more.

The Hague, Netherlands, September 24 – MP Thierry Baudet stated that Jews could claim all of WWII, saying “the war is not yours, it belongs to all of us,” and stood by his comments that those who chose not to be vaccinated were persecuted like Jews in Nazi Germany. Read more.

Richmond, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, September 23 – An IKEA store was vandalized with the graffiti “No Jew jab for Oz,” in opposition to the vaccine campaign. Read more.

The vandalized IKEA store in Richmond, Australia.


Morris County, New Jersey, United States, September 23 – Two representatives of the LaRouche organization set up a table in Rockaway Borough interacting with the public and displaying a sign reading, “Green Energy…More Efficient than Auschwitz.” The windmills were depicted with swastikas. Read more.

Oregon City, Oregon, United States, September 22 – A Clackamas County commissioner compared vaccine requirements to Nazi Germany forcing Jews to wear yellow Stars of David in a meme on his Facebook page. Read more.

Worcester, Massachusetts, United States, September 21 – After the Worcester police union posted an image of Mayor Joseph Petty with a Hitler mustache on its Facebook page, the leader of the police union who is running against Petty issued a formal apology. Read more.

Ottawa Valley, Ontario, Canada, September 20 – Green Party candidate Michael LaRiviere withdrew from the election race following his controversial statements comparing the Covid-19 vaccine passports to Nazi Germany tattooing Jewish concentration camp prisoners. Read more.

Newcastle, England, United Kingdom, September 19 – Freeman Hospital in Newcastle was vandalized with swastikas. Read more.

Worthington, Ohio, United States, September 15 – At a Schools Community board meeting, a person in the crowd made a Nazi gesture after the leadership asked everyone to wear their masks for the meeting recess. Read more.

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, September 14 – A local brewery denied services to anti-vaccine protesters who destroyed the community’s Every Child Matters memorial. The protesters called the brewery owners “Nazis” and said they were treating them like Jews during the Holocaust, in addition to more coarse antisemitic language. Read more.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States, September 13 – Arizona State Senator Kelly Townsend compared people who support vaccines to Nazis and then told Jewish groups that protested her statement to “learn your history.” She also tweeted a swastika made up of needles. Read more.

Warsaw, Poland, September 13 – Antisemitic books alleging Jews in Poland today were corrupting the country and comparing vaccine mandates to the Holocaust were sold outside a church, the “Temple of Divine Providence,” after mass in Warsaw. Read more.

Urk, Netherlands, September 10 – A group of men dressed up as SS officers for a rally against Covid-19 health measures. After the protest, the men apologized for their behavior and how it was offensive to Jews. Read more.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 7 – The mayor of Amsterdam expressed her “horror” when she saw protesters against Covid-19 health measures wearing yellow Stars of David in Dam Square. Read more.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, September 5 – Protesters displayed signs comparing these Covid-19 restrictions to the Holocaust. Read more.

Staten Island, New York, United States, September 5 – A number of anti-vaccine mandate protesters wore yellow Stars of David with the words, “Not Vaccinated,” on their clothes. Read more.

Crocq, France, September 3 – Two posters were hung outside the Corcq school calling for the community to save their children from the vaccine mandates like Jewish children who needed to be saved from the Nazis. Read more.

Sainte-Feyre (Creuse), France, September 1 – Antisemitic and anti-vaccination graffiti appeared on a wall close to a main road, stating that Jews were behind a worldwide billionaire conspiracy. Read more.

New York, New York, United States, September 1 – A group of men handed out antisemitic propaganda on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Read more.

Antisemitic propaganda is seen being distributed in New York City.


Washington, DC, United States, August 28 – Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie compared the public health measures meant to curb the Covid-19 pandemic to the Holocaust by tweeting a picture of a number tattoo on his wrist. Read more.

Honolulu, Hawaii, United States, August 26 – Lieutenant Governor Josh Green was subject to an antisemitic campaign, which included a banner that read “JEW” alongside a Star of David, outside his home in opposition to mask mandates and Covid-19 vaccines. Read more.

Cheshire, Connecticut, United States, August 26 – Parents against the state-wide mask mandate for children in school classrooms interrupted a roundtable school district meeting, yelling statements such as, “What concentration camp are you sending them to?” Read more.

Washington, DC, United States, August 25 – Congressman Randy Weber compared Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to the Gestapo secret police under Nazi Germany during a press conference held by the House Freedom Caucus. Read more.

Humboldt County, California, United States, August 25 – During an anti-vaccine mandate protest, yellow Stars of David with the word “Unvaccinated” were being circulated among the crowd. Read more.

University of Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain, August 24 – A literature course that compared Gaza to Auschwitz was canceled. Read more.

Springfield, Missouri, United States, August 24 – At a city council meeting, a number of constituents arrived wearing yellow Stars of David to protest a resolution that encouraged vaccines, comparing them to the Holocaust. Read more.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, August 23 – During an anti-lockdown rally, stickers with antisemitic statements and images were placed across Melbourne. Read more.

Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, United States, August 23 – Attendees at a school board meeting, set to vote on whether masks would be required of children during school, compared the board president and her staff to Nazis. Read more.

Cobb County, Georgia, United States, August 22 – A county hospital employee was dismissed after she posted a video online comparing the hospital’s vaccine mandate for employees to the Holocaust. Read more.

Paris, France, August 21 – Anti-vaccination pass groups protesting against the government were circulating antisemitic slogans and symbols, with some protestors wearing the yellow Star of David. Read more.

London, England, United Kingdom, August 19 – An anti-vaccination protestor stated that wearing the yellow Star of David with the words “Not Vaccinated” paid tribute to Holocaust victims “because where we are heading is where the Jews went.” Read more.

Kansas City, Missouri, United States, August 19 – The city council extended the mask mandate and a woman in the meeting’s audience wore a yellow Star of David. Read more.

Houston, Texas, United States, August 19 – Houston High School Assistant Principal Janna Matykiewicz and teacher Tony Benzing made a comparison post between the yellow Star of David Jews were forced to wear under Nazi Germany and Covid-19 vaccine certificates on their personal social media accounts. Read more.

Cumberland, New South Wales, Australia, August 19 – Mayor of Cumberland Steve Christou shared an infographic on his social media in relation to the new lockdown restrictions, writing, “Welcome to Nazi Germany.” Read more.

Birmingham, Michigan, United States, August 19 – A man raised a Nazi salute and yelled “Heil Hitler,” with two people repeating the phrase behind him, during a school board meeting that was determining whether a mask mandate would be enacted for students. Read more.

Romans-sur-Isère, France, August 18 – A Star of David and “Qui?” appeared on a gas station pump. Read more.

The defaced gas pump in Romans-sur-Isère, France.


Vosges, France, August 17 – Antisemitic placards with swastikas drawn on them and signs declaring government officials as Nazis appeared at anti-vaccination pass protests. Read more.

Munich, Germany, August 17 – Posters blamed “Jewish Bolshevism” for the Covid-19 protective measures, including vaccines and masks. Read more.

London, England, United Kingdom, August 16 – Labour Party officials in Bassetlaw made multiple statements comparing the Conservative Party to Nazi Germany’s SS. Read more.

Clayton, Missouri, United States, August 16 – A local rabbi spoke out at a St. Louis County Council meeting against the use of Holocaust comparisons to mask mandates at past meetings. Read more.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, August 15 – Crowds protesting the vaccination passports had participants wearing yellow Stars of David, comparing their struggle against Covid-19 vaccines to the persecution of Jews under Nazi Germany. Read more.

New South Wales, Australia, August 13 – A leaflet that compared the state’s Covid-19 lockdown to 1942 Nazi Germany was dropped into a mailbox in the Sydney suburb of Neutral Bay. Read more.

Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States, August 13 – Protesters against vaccine mandates at healthcare facilities compared the measures to the rounding up and deportation of Jews during the Holocaust. Read more.

France, August 13 – Vaccination centers across the country reported vandalizations that included images of swastikas, Stars of David, and provocative language. Read more.

Vilnius, Lithuania, August 11 – Protesters outside the Lithuanian Parliament wore symbols associated with the Holocaust, namely yellow Stars of David, to compare pandemic restrictions to the persecution of Jews during WWII. Read more.

Tallinn, Estonia, August 10 – Antisemitic graffiti, depicting a pig wearing a shtreimel and payot next to a Star of David, was spray-painted on a sign announcing the location of a vaccination center. Read more.

Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania, United States, August 10 – During a school board meeting, an attendee raised a Nazi salute after the board voted in favor of mandatory masking for school children. Read more.

New York, New York, United States, August 5 – A pending decision to require vaccination passes to public places prompted anti-vaccine protesters to compare vaccine passes to Nazi Germany’s persecution of Jews. Flyers featuring antisemitic slogans and Stars of David, with the words “Not Vaccinated,” appeared on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Read more.

Verona, Italy, August 2 – Protesters at anti-vaccine rallies wore yellow Stars of David, comparing vaccine passes to the antisemitic measures Nazi Germany implemented during the Holocaust. Read more.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States, July 31 – The Oklahoma Republican Party posted on Facebook a comparison between Covid-19 vaccine mandates and Nazi oppression of Jews during WWII, including a yellow Star of David with the word, “Unvaccinated.” Read more.

Loudon County, Virginia, United States, July 30 – District school teacher Julie Perry compared her treatment by colleagues and parents due to her conservative political ideology to that of the persecution of Jews by Nazi Germany during the 1930s. Read more.

Lefkada, Greece, July 30 – Anti-vaccination graffiti, using apparent and coarse antisemitic language, appeared on a main road connecting the island’s two main villages. Read more.

Southbury, Connecticut, July 28 – A sign designed with swastikas compared the Democratic Party to Nazis. Both Republican and Democrat Party leaders in Connecticut denounced the banner and antisemitism. Read more.

Rotterdam, Netherlands, July 27 – After signing with a rival club in Amsterdam, fans of top Dutch soccer player Steven Berghuis’ previous team in Rotterdam painted an antisemitic mural with the words: “Jews always run away.” Read more.

The antisemitic mural in Rotterdam, Netherlands, targeting Ajax winger Steven Berghuis. Photo: Courtesy of CIDI.


Munich, Germany, July 27 – The Munich Public Prosecutor’s Office decided to investigate a case involving the comparison of  Covid-19 vaccinations with Nazi policies, with a man posting a drawing of the infamous Auschwitz gate with the words “Vaccination Makes You Free” on his Facebook page. Read more.

London, England, United Kingdom, July 27 – Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer banned “hard-left” groups, and critics of this decision have called him a “Zionazi” who had loyalties with “foreign countries.” An initiative called “Defend the Left” launched a petition against Starmer and the ban. Read more.

Paris, France, July 19 – French Holocaust survivor Joseph Szwarc, supported by government officials and anti-racism activists, condemned the anti-vaccination movement’s comparisons of Nazi policies (namely the enforcement of Jews wearing a yellow stars) and Covid-19 vaccines. Read more.

London, England, United Kingdom, July 16 – Scottish National Party MP Peter Grant compared the UK government to the Nazi party under Hitler, implying that the true horrors of fascism had appeared after a few years in power in the UK as it did in Nazi Germany. Read more.

Washington, DC, United States, July 12 – Congresswoman Lauren Boebert compared vaccination campaigns and measures to Nazi Germany multiple times, leading the Auschwitz Memorial in Poland to condemn her statements. Read more.

Washington, DC, United States, July 8 – Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene continued to compare COVID-19 vaccination campaigns to Nazi Germany, despite her visit to US Holocaust Memorial Museum and previous apology for such comparisons. Read more.

Berlin, Germany, July 8 – Antisemitic posters accusing Israel of appropriating the Holocaust for its benefit and implying that Jews were responsible for the Holocaust appeared in Berlin. Read more.

London, United Kingdom, July 6 – A member of the Hornsey and Wood Green local party made claims that Jews “had not learned from the Holocaust” during a conversation about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Read more.

Berlin, Germany, June 25 – Jordanian Professor Ahmad Nofal diminished Jewish suffering during the Holocaust and equated Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the Holocaust, saying that “if they really suffered then they wouldn’t have replicated this tragedy to the Palestinians…who suffer a daily Holocaust for 70 years.” Read more.