Estonian Police Have Identified a 13-Year-Old as the Leader of an International Neo-Nazi Group

April 15, 2020

According to the Associated Press and JTA, a 13-year-old Estonian had been at the head of the Feuerkrieg Division, an international neo-Nazi group.

The hate group had planned to bomb a synagogue in Las Vegas and detonate a car bomb at an undisclosed U.S. news network.

The Estonion teen called himself “Commander” of the Feuerkrieg Division, a group that embraces extreme interpretations of white supremacist and neo-Nazi concepts. The group regularly calls for violence against minorities and Jews and for the destruction of societal institutions they believe is controlled by the Jews.

Estonian police intervened this past January, the Associated Press claimed and since then the teen has allegedly cut ties with the group. The original report about the teen was published last week in the Estonian newspaper Eesti Ekspress.

A spokesman for the Estonian Internal Security Service has claimed the teenager will not face criminal charges, considering his age.

“As the case dealt with a child under the age of 14, this person cannot be prosecuted under the criminal law and instead other legal methods must be used to eliminate the risk,” Harrys Puusepp the Press Officer for the Estonian Internal Security Service told the AP.

The Associated press reported that leaked transcripts of the Feuerkrieg Division’s online chats show that the Estonian teenager proudly claimed to be the founder of the hate group but that the organizations membership was “increasingly American.”

Source: https://apnews.com/7067c03e1af0b157be7c15888cbe8c27