Holocaust-Era Mass Grave Desecrated by Robbers in Ukrainian Village of Pikov

The site of the Holocaust-era mass grave in Pikov, Ukraine.

June 2, 2021

A Holocaust-era mass grave in the Ukrainian village of Pikov, located 110 miles southwest of Kyiv, was desecrated by robbers last week.

Eduard Dolinksy — director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee — wrote on Facebook, “In the village of Pikov, Vinnytsia region, Nazis and local collaborators shot more than a thousand Jews, including women and children in May 1942. Now some non-humans are looking for gold in their grave.”

According to the Yad Vashem website, “The Germans occupied Pikov on July 16, 1941; the town’s Jews were ordered immediately to wear a white armband marked with a yellow Star of David.”

“In September 1941, the local Jews were forced into a ghetto, along with other Jews from the vicinity,” it added. “The Jews of Pikov were murdered in three murder operations from May-June 1942. The town was liberated in March 1944.”