Holocaust Survivors Share Testimonies in Personal Meetings With Top US Media Outlets

Holocaust survivor Menachem “Mickey” Warshawski.

January 29, 2023

Coinciding with International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM) organized a series of virtual meetings this week where survivors of the Nazi genocide shared their testimonies with senior journalists at several major U.S. media outlets, including The Dallas Morning News, The Tennessean, and The Washington Times.

“With the unfortunate rise in antisemitic bigotry unfolding across the country, CAM believes it is critical at this moment for Holocaust survivors’ stories to be heard,” CAM said. “U.S. citizens, and everyone around the world, ought to be well-acquainted with history and understand the real danger behind antisemitic sentiment, threats, and attacks, and the dangerous road this has led us down for generations.”

During the encounters, the Holocaust survivors recalled the horrors they endured at the hands of their Nazi persecutors, as well as the relevance of their stories to the fight against contemporary antisemitism eight decades later.

“I don’t know if it’s going to help,” 89-year-old Toby Levy — who survived the Holocaust as a young Jewish girl in Chodorow, Poland, hiding in a barn with her family — told The Washington Times from her current-day home in New York City. “But I have to speak about [the] hate.”

Holocaust survivor Toby Levy.


94-year-old Menachem “Mickey” Warshawski — of Delray Beach, Florida — detailed for The Dallas Morning News his experiences as a boy in Lodz, Poland. Shortly after the Nazi invasion in 1939, he witnessed two German soldiers standing over the body of a dead Jewish man they had killed on the street. The word “Juden” was written with the dead man’s blood on the sidewalk next to him.

“Every day the memories come back like it just happened,” Warshawski said.

Maud Dahme, 86, spoke with the The Tennessean about surviving the war as a “hidden child” in the Netherlands.

The full conversation with Dahme can be viewed here: