Ignoring Criticism, Ice Cube Tweets More Anti-Semitic Imagery and Defends His Actions

June 15, 2020

Just two days after being criticized for tweeting an image of an anti-Semitic mural, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported that rapper Ice Cube was back at it again tweeting more images related to anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

One image, which depicted a Star of David with a black cube in its center, was followed by a series of tweets showing black cube structures at different locations around the world, implying Jewish control spans the globe.

Ice Cube’s tweets have not gone unnoticed. Prominent journalist Roxane Gay tweeted at him, revealing it is impossible to take him seriously in regards to social justice when he continues to post anti-Semitic messages.

Marc Lamont Hill, who was wrapped up in an anti-Semitic scandal of his own in 2018, and has since apologized, criticized Ice Cube suggesting that conspiracy series of Jewish world domination, like those implied in Ice Cube’s tweets, are “textbook anti-Semitism.” However, the criticism does not appear to have impacted Ice Cube. He responded to accusations of anti-Semitism by tweeting “I’ve been telling my truth.”

Icee Cube is a long-time supporter of notorious anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and has previously incorporated anti-Semitic lyrics into his music.

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