Israeli Humanitarian Groups Delivering Covid-19 Supplies and Aid Worldwide

May 5, 2020

According to Israel21c, IsraAID and SmartAID are partnering with local agencies across the globe to help communities affected by the Coronavirus pandemic get essential equipment, supplies and food. 

IsraAID and SmartAID are two leading Israeli humanitarian non-profits and are organizing teams across the world to distribute personal protective equipment (PPE) and other supplies to doctors, nurses, law enforcement officers, firefighters and other essential workers during the pandemic.

In the past weeks, SmartAID partnered with DHL to deliver equipment to hospitals in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, New Jersey and amongst other municipalities across the East Coast of the United States. SmartAID also worked with local partners to supply PPE to hospitals in Puerto Rico, Haiti, and Australia.

SmartAID is also working with non-profits across the Middle East to help refugees. PPE and other essential goods will soon be shipped from Australia to northern Iraq where countless Kurdish, Syrian, and Yazidi refugees are in dire need of help. 

“In addition to continuing our PPE distribution and e-health training at hospitals, we are developing an open source platform to improve and make Covid-19 aid shipments more transparent across the United States, Eastern Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia,” said SmartAID Founding Director Shachar Zahavi

In Latin America, IsraAID has been delivering soap, hand sanitizer, bleach and disinfectant to health clinics across Guatemala. On the south Pacific island of Vanuatu, IsraAID has also partnered with the local Ministry of Health to conduct Coronavirus awareness programs for the island residents.

Back in the United States, IsraAID has been busy distributing food at the Los Angeles Food Bank where they are also offering free online anxiety workshops for local residents affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Read more: https://www.israel21c.org/israeli-aid-groups-deliver-covid-19-supplies-across-globe/