Italian Neo-Fascist Extremists Filmed Doing Mass Nazi Salute at Public Rally in Milan

Neo-fascists do a mass Nazi salute at a public rally in Milan, Italy.

May 6, 2021

A large group of far-right extremists were filmed doing a mass Nazi salute at a public rally in Milan, Italy, last week.

An estimated 800 people took part in the April 29th demonstration on Paladini Street in the northern Italian commerce and fashion hub.

The event was held to mark the 46th anniversary of the death of neo-fascist activist Sergio Ramelli in a communist ambush.

Police are investigating the rally and trying to determine the identities the participants, many of whom were not wearing masks despite Covid-19 pandemic-related restrictions.

According to reporter Fabian Eberhard, who published a video of the event on Twitter that has gotten over 1 million views, one of the organizations involved in the rally was the CasaPound neo-fascist movement.

Watch the video of the Nazi salute incident below: