Jewish Religious Sites Targeted by Arab Rioters in Central Israeli Cities Amid Violence Flare-Up

Torah scrolls are seen strewn on the floor of a desecrated synagogue, in Lod, Israel.

May 11, 2021

Jewish religious sites — including synagogues, schools, and a cemetery — were targeted by Arab rioters in the central Israeli cities of Lod and Ramla on Monday night.

The disturbing incidents occurred amid a flare-up of violence that saw the Gaza Strip-based Hamas terrorist group target southern Israel and the Jerusalem area with hundreds of rockets.

In Lod and Ramla, which both have large populations of coexisting Jews and Muslims, hundreds of rioters armed with firebombs and stones took to the streets and sought out Jewish targets to attack.

The burned remains of a desecrated synagogue are seen, in Lod, Israel.

Images and videos posted on social media showed a synagogue in Lod being burned and desecrated.