Jews Around World Targeted in Spate of Anti-Semitic Incidents as Passover Starts

Two swastikas drawn on the car of a Holocaust survivor, in Hallandale Beach, Florida.

March 30, 2021

In recent days, as the week-long holiday of Passover got underway, Jews around the world, from Poland to Australia, have been targeted in a disturbing spate of anti-Semitic incidents.

At the site of the former Częstochowa Ghetto, in southern Poland, a memorial to the victims of the Nazis was defaced with swastikas and other hate symbols.

Swastika graffiti is seen at the former Częstochowa Ghetto, in southern Poland.

In the western Ukrainian city of Lviv, a swastika was etched on a memorial at the site of a synagogue destroyed by the Nazis.

A swastika is seen etched on a memorial at the site of a synagogue destroyed by the Nazis, in Lviv, Ukraine.

Meanwhile, police in Romania were looking into death threats issued against Jewish actress Maia Morgenstern and her children, while in Sweden a hate crimes investigation was opened after dolls — accompanied by a written message described by authorities “incitement against an ethnic group” — were hung at a synagogue in the eastern city of Norrköpin.

Online, more than 150 anti-Semitic comments were found on the Google Maps entry for the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp, prompting a Google spokesperson to acknowledge “we need to do better” in monitoring hateful content.

In the city of Hallandale Beach, in south Florida, vandals marked the car of a Holocaust survivor with two swastikas, while in nearby Miami the words “Communism is Judaism” were spray-painted on the wall of an auto center.

Anti-Semitic grafitti is seen in Miami, Florida.

And in Australia, a Melbourne Jewish woman was verbally assaulted by a man yelling, “You Jewish scum, you will get what’s coming to you,” and then spat upon as she walked home from services at the Temple Beth Israel synagogue.