Muslim Anti-Semitism: It’s Time to Face Reality

August 5, 2020


In a recent opinion article in the Jewish News, Wasiq Wasiq (Trustee of Muslims Against Antisemitism) examines a report by the Henry Jackson Society, a British think-tank, titled ‘Muslim Anti-Semitism In Contemporary Great Britain’.

Wasiq describes this report as an important addition to the canon of research done thus far with the the aim of understanding contemporary anti-Semitism that appears in religious minority communities across the United Kingdom. Importantly, the survey that contributes to the lion-share of the report has been described as providing invaluable insight into  the socio-political attitudes and views towards Jews by British Muslims, both at home and abroad.

The report by the Henry Jackson Society has ascertained a number of crucial findings pertaining to anti-Semitic attitudes towards Jews. The first finding of the report is that of all British minorities, Muslims tend to have the least positive feelings about Jews, (nevertheless, UK Muslims have even less positive feelings about atheists). Additionally, roughly 34% of Muslims polled for the survey believe that Jews exerted a disproportionate amount of control over global financial and banking systems.