Nearly 500 Percent Rise in Islamist Antisemitism Fueled Global Surge of Jew-Hatred in May, CAM Data Reveals

June 7, 2021

The month of May saw a disturbing 71.8 percent spike of antisemitic incidents across the globe as violence flared in Israel and the Gaza Strip, according to exclusive data gathered by the Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM).

CAM’s monthly antisemitism report — which classifies Jew-hatred incidents (including physical assault, verbal harassment, vandalism, and hate speech) by the ideologies of the perpetrators — found the main source of the increase was the Islamist category, where the number of incidents skyrocketed 463.2% — from 19 occurrences in April to 107 in May.

Islamist antisemitic incidents comprised 41.8 percent of May’s overall total, far outpacing all other motivations.

This can largely be attributed to the shocking displays of antisemitism by pro-Palestinian supporters in major cities around the world during and following the two-week Gaza crisis, which included several violent attacks on Jews and a torrent of hateful rhetoric.

Antisemitism from the far-left and far-right rose 22.9 percent (16.8 percent of total) and 21.4 percent (21.5 percent of total) respectively, while incidents with unidentifiable motives surged 104 percent (19.9 percent of total).

For more information on the data, which is collected on a weekly basis, visit: combatantisemitism.org/newsletters