New #ProtectTheFacts Campaign Raises Awareness of Rising Holocaust Distortion Trend

May 5, 2021

Less than eight decades after the Nazi genocide of the Jews, Holocaust distortion is on the rise.

And while the phenomenon can be harder to identify than blatant Holocaust denial, it is just as dangerous.

To raise awareness of this pernicious trend, the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), United Nations, and UNESCO have launched a year-long #ProtectTheFacts digital campaign.

The purpose of this social media initiative is fourfold — to help people better recognized Holocaust distortion when they come across it or engage in it unintentionally; honor the historical record to ensure victims and survivors are not forgotten; challenge the growth of Holocaust denial, antisemitism, conspiracy myths, and dangerous forms of nationalism in society; and work together to build a strong coalition of diverse individuals, organizations, and governments to counter Holocaust distortion.

More information on the campaign, along with shareable social media graphics, can be found at: againstholocaustdistortion.org