One Minute Global Anti-Semitism Video Report: February 26, 2021

February 26, 2021

In this week’s global anti-Semitism report, CAM covers 42 new anti-Semitic incidents (50% far-right, 19% far-left, 14% Islamist, and 17% unidentifiable).

NBC came under fire for two anti-Semitic broadcasts – on “Saturday Night Live” and “Nurses” – viewed by millions. A war memorial in Wales was vandalized with Neo-Nazi graffiti. A French-Jewish lawmaker was told to “prepare for the camps.” On campus, a Jewish student leader at Tufts University spoke out about a mounting anti-Semitic pressure campaign. In the Middle East, a Palestinian scholar exhorted Muslims to “get rid of the Jews.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. state of Kentucky and two New York towns adopted the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism. As more local governments work to combat anti-Semitism, we encourage you to register for the Mayors Summit Against Anti-Semitism to learn how you strengthen your community.

Today marks the holiday of Purim, a reminder of the need to take bold action against the age-old societal sickness of anti-Semitism. May we be inspired by the bravery of Queen Esther! Join us on Monday for the Combat Anti-Semitism Movement Annual Summit – featuring the Moroccan UN Ambassador, the President of Israel, former Secretary of State Pompeo, leading Democratic and Republican members of Congress, and other VIPs – to gain inspiration for the year ahead.

Read this week’s Global Anti-Semitism Report for more news and stories.

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