Palestinian Twin Brothers Film Themselves Harassing Jews in Belgian City of Antwerp

January 13, 2021

Twin brothers from the Gaza Strip filmed themselves last weekend rollerblading through a Jewish neighborhood in the northern Belgian city of Antwerp while carrying a Palestinian flag and harassing local residents.

According to a JTA report, Adham and Amjad Salah, asylum-seekers in their 20s, were questioned and issued a warning by police on Tuesday after a complaint was filed by a Belgian Jewish umbrella group.

In the video, which got over one million views on YouTube, the brothers — who go by the social media moniker “Skatetwins” — are seen pressuring an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man they encounter on the street to say, “Free Palestine.”

They also point out security measures  — such as cameras — that are visible in the neighborhood, where there have been many past antisemitic outrages.

In a tweet, Israeli Ambassador to Belgium Emmanuel Nahshon called the incident a “shameful, tasteless, cheap and childish provocation.”

Belgian Jewish parliamentarian Michael Freilich described the brothers’ stunt as “intimidating, dangerous and inciting ethnic groups against one another.”

In a previous video recorded in the same neighborhood two weeks ago, the brothers documented themselves skating aggressively near passers-by.