Polish Historian Ewa Kurek Links ‘Jewish Control’ in Europe to Coronavirus Outbreak

May 31, 2020

According to the Jerusalem Post, Polish historian Ewa Kurek recently linked the coronavirus outbreak in Europe to “Jewish Control.

Kurek gave an interview in March in which she described the coronavirus outbreak in Europe as a “Jewification.” Kurek further attempted to link issues arising from the ventilator shortage in Spain, with Jewish power, claiming that the decisions related to medical triage at overwhelmed hospitals, stems from “Talmudic” logic.

According to Kurek, “COVID-19 is used to introduce “Jewish” values into “our Western Christian culture.” Kurek went on to state that “Jewish-Fascist behavior” is now visible in Western Europe, which is controlled by “Jewish conglomerates.”

Kurek began her career as a Holocaust historian but is now considered to be a radical Catholic writer. She is known for her infamous views on the Holocaust, which include suggestions that over 150,000 Jews fought alongside Hitler, and arguments labeling Zionism as a money-related scheme. She is now broadly blaming the Jews for the Coronavirus pandemic.

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