Rapper Ice Cube Refused to Remove Anti-Semitic Image from Social Media

June 7, 2020

According the a report in the Algeminer, Rapper Ice Cube has come under fire after tweeting an infamous anti-Semitic image, and for refusing to remove it. Ice Cube has been tweeting in support of the Black Lives Matter movement following the police killing of George Floyd, but one of these tweets included a mural depicting an anti-Semitic scene.

In the mural, which previously landed former UK Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn in hot water, a group of sinister-looking men with hooked noses are seen sitting around a game board, held up by Black men, while a fully bearded man is seen counting money. The image was captioned, “All we have to do is stand up and their little game is over.” Many activists and twitter users have since called on Ice Cube to remove the image, but have been met with defiance on the part of the rapper.

The image alludes to age-old anti-Semitic conspiracies about a Jews seeking to control the world.

This is not the first time Ice Cube has been suspected of hostility towards the Jewish community. In the early 90s, his album “Death Certificate” included many anti-Semitic lyrics in its’ songs, and in 2015 he allegedly had his entourage attack a Rabbi in Detroit.

Ice Cube is not the only celebrity sparking outrage this week for publishing anti-Semitic content to social media. British singer, Dua Lipa, was highly criticized after sharing a now-deleted Instagram post which called the Israeli government “fake Jews,” and accused the United States and Israel of creating the terrorist organization Hamas.

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