Rapping UK Rabbi Responds to Wiley’s Anti-Semitism

August 9, 2020

Many were justifiably shocked by the recent series of anti-Semitic social media posts by influential British rapper Wiley. One rapper decided to provide a response. But he’s not your typical performer; New York-born Moshe Friedman is a UK-based rabbi. 

A long-time fan of hip hop music, Rabbi Friedman, currently an employee of the Forum for Jewish Leadership in the UK, was inspired to get into the studio. The result is a very potent track that cuts to the heart of contemporary anti-Semitism, putting haters like Wiley on blast for their ignorant views. It is a well-rhymed, strongly performed song and is worth a listen, no matter your taste in music.

In a conversation with the Jewish Chronicle, Rabbi Friedman shared his goals: “I would love it if this created dialogue and we could engage,” he said. “I draw hope from some of the examples coming out of America – the footballer who after recognizing what he said was antisemitic agreed to visit Poland.”

Watch here: