Ten Most Shocking Antisemitism Incidents of October 2022

A banner hung on an LA freeway overpass says "Kanye is right about the Jews." Photo: Oren Segal via Twitter.

November 2, 2022

The CAM Antisemitism Research Center collects comprehensive antisemitism data from around the world on a constant basis, and publishes a regular feature on the top ten antisemitic incidents that shook Jewish communities globally during the preceding month. 

The ten most shocking antisemitic incidents of October 2022 are as follows:

1. Antisemites Hang Banner Over Los Angeles Freeway Declaring Kanye West ‘Right About the Jews’

Antisemites in Los Angeles, California, stated their support for recent tirades against Jews made by Kanye West, by hanging banners over a freeway in the city and declaring that “Kanye is right about the Jews.”

It appeared that the racist Goyim Defense League was behind the move, with members photographed performing Nazi salutes beside the banner.

2. Window of Synagogue in Hanover, Germany, Shattered During Yom Kippur Service

An object was thrown through a stained-glass window of a synagogue in the northern German city of Hanover during the closing Yom Kippur service on Oct. 5.

According to a Hannoversche Allgemeine report, around 150 worshippers were praying inside the synagogue at the time of the incident, which occurred on the holiest day of the Jewish year. No one was injured.

The shattered stained-glass window of a synagogue in Hanover, Germany. Photo: Twitter.


3. New York City Street Sukkah Vandalized Ahead of Start of Sukkot Holiday

sukkah was vandalized in New York City, ahead of the start of the week-long Sukkot holiday. The sukkah had been built outside the Chabad Israel Center at East 92nd Street and First Avenue on Manhattan’s Upper East Side just hours before it was vandalized.

Video footage showed an unidentified person urinating on the sukkah and then kicking it in.

Video footage of the sukkah vandalism incident on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.


4. Gunmen Shoot at Bethlehem Hotel After Video Circulates of Jewish Symbols Inside

Unidentified assailants opened fire toward The Bethlehem Hotel in the West Bank city of the same name, after a video circulating on social media showed cardboard cutouts of a Star of David and a Menorah on the stage of its conference hall.

Palestinian police arrived at the scene soon after the shooting. Several rooms on the upper floors were damaged by the gunfire, but no casualties were reported.

Jewish symbols are seen at the conference hall of The Bethlehem Hotel, in the West Bank, Oct. 10, 2022. Photo: Screenshot.


5. George Washington University Hillel Center Targeted in Anti-Israel Protest on Sukkot

Students at George Washington University held a profanity-laden anti-Israel protest outside the school’s Hillel center on the second night of Sukkot.

The protesters shouted “Israel is a terrorist state” while holding a banner that said, “War criminals GTFO.”

6. Jews ‘Own Banks, They Own the Media,’ Says Model Carmen Ortega

American model and fashion designer Carmen Ortega Baljian spread an antisemitic conspiracy theory on her Instagram page of 2.5 million followers.

“They own banks, they own the media, and in our politics heavy. Who’s awake yet?” she wrote.

7. French Jewish History Teacher Threatened With Death in Chilling Echoes of Samuel Paty Case

A police investigation has been opened after a French school received a death threat on Monday targeting a Jewish history teacher and his rabbi father.

The anonymous letter, sent to a high school south of Paris, threatened the Jewish teacher with death, echoing the case of teacher Samuel Paty, who was killed and beheaded by an Islamic terrorist in 2020.

The anonymous letter.


8. Vile Antisemitic Display at Sydney Preschool Leaves Parents Scared to Drop Off Kids

A vandal painted a Nazi swastika outside a predominantly Jewish preschool in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

Parents were left horrified after noticing the antisemitic display at the front entrance to the Rose Bay school.

The swastika painted outside a preschool in Sydney, Australia.


9. Yeshiva Students Attacked by Assailants Shouting ‘Free Palestine’ in Brooklyn, NY

Police in New York City were investigating an antisemitic attack on three Jewish teenagers as they stood outside a yeshiva in the Midwood section of Brooklyn.

The three students were attacked by five teenagers who yelled “Free Palestine” while performing the attack, punched one of the students in the face and threw eggs at the group. The attack took place on the corner of Avenue M and East 18th St.


10. 106 Swastikas Sprayed at School in Hamburg, Germany

Unknown perpetrators smeared a total of 106 swastikas in green and white paint on the windows and walls at the Carl-von-Ossietzky-Gymnasium and at the adjacent elementary school in the Poppenbüttel district of Hamburg on Müssenredder Street.

In addition, the Nazi slogans “Sieg Heil” and “Heil Hitler” were sprayed on the façade.

Swastikas are seen spray-painted on a school in Hamburg, Germany. Photo: Thomas Knoop.


For more information on CAM’s antisemitism incidents data, please visit: combatantisemitism.org/newsletters